EcoWater Eflow

Eflow reverse osmosis water filter by EcoWater Systems, sold by East Coast Water Quality Inc.
    • Continuous Flow: eflow eliminates waiting for a water tank to fill. With its continuous flow feature, homeowners can enjoy an uninterrupted supply of fresh, pure water for all their hydration and cooking needs.

    • Space-Saving Design: Perfect for homes of all sizes, eflow’s compact, tankless design fits seamlessly under sinks, even in tight spaces. This efficient use of space allows homeowners to maximize their storage and countertop areas.

    • Easy-to-Change Filters: Maintenance is a breeze with eflow. Its user-friendly filter replacement process ensures that the system consistently delivers top-quality water.

Feed water pressure limits40 – 100 psi (276 – 689 kPa)
Feed water temperature limits, minimum / maximum 40 – 100 °F (4 – 38 °C)
Service Flow Rate0.42 gal./min. (1.6 L/min.)
Service Life2,000 gal. (7,570 L)
Maximum total dissolved solids (TDS) 2,000 ppm
Maximum water hardness @ 6.9 pH10 gpg (171 ppm)
Maximum iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide0
Chlorine in water supplyallowable
Feed water pH limitspH 4 – 10
Percent Rejection of TDS, minimum (new membrane)95.75 %
Daily water production rate600 gal./day (2,271 L/day)
Percent Recovery62 %
Automatic shutoff controlyes