Aqua 2 Water Filtration Drinking System

Dual-cartridge Aqua 2 Drinking System by East Coast Water Quality Inc., American-made under counter water filtration system.
The innovative Aqua 2 Drinking System with dual filtration cartridges, crafted for exceptional water purification and quality.

The Aqua 2 Drinking System represents the pinnacle of under-counter water filtration technology, designed to significantly enhance the quality and safety of your drinking water. This system addresses a wide array of health concerns by providing 800 gallons of purified water, ensuring access to premium quality water 24/7 throughout the year with minimal maintenance.

Key Features of the Aqua 2

Dual Multi-Stage Filtration Cartridges

The Aqua 2 system includes two advanced filtration cartridges, each playing a critical role in purifying your drinking water:

  • Cartridge 1 – AQ2-SED5: This high-performance 5µ sediment prefilter specializes in capturing sediment and rust particles, thereby extending the lifespan of subsequent filters. Its high dirt holding capacity and micro-fine web design ensure optimal performance of the entire filtration system.

  • Cartridge 2 – AQ2-MCB: Incorporates a two-stage process for comprehensive contaminant reduction. The first stage employs Radial Flow Filtration, capturing particulate matter 1µ in size or larger, without adding any color, odor, or chemicals to the water. The second stage features a Coconut Shell Solid Carbon Block filter, effectively reducing VOCs, PCBs, pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful substances through mechanical filtration and adsorption.

Microban® Antimicrobial Technology

Throughout the solid carbon filter, Microban® technology is utilized to inhibit bacterial growth, preventing odors and fouling. This ensures the filter maintains peak performance for longer periods, unlike unprotected surfaces where bacteria can rapidly multiply.

End of Life Indicator (ELI)

The Aqua 2 system is equipped with an ELI to precisely inform you when a filter change is necessary, eliminating guesswork and maintaining optimal filtration efficiency. The indicator uses two LED lights to signal the remaining filter capacity, with YELLOW indicating less than 10% capacity and RED signaling that a replacement is due.

Benefits of the Aqua 2 Drinking System

  • Exceptional Contaminant Reduction: Ensures removal of a broad range of contaminants, improving water safety and quality.
  • Superior Taste and Odor Reduction: Enhances the sensory quality of your water by reducing chlorine and other substances that affect taste and odor.
  • Long-Lasting 800 Gallon Capacity: Offers a substantial volume of filtered water, ideal for household needs.
  • NSF® Certified Carbon Block: Guarantees effective reduction of harmful substances, with certification from a trusted authority.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for quick and hassle-free setup under your counter, providing immediate access to purified water.
  • Microban® Protection: Offers an added layer of protection against microbial growth, ensuring your water remains clean and safe.

The Aqua 2 Drinking System is not just a filtration unit but a comprehensive solution for ensuring the high quality drinking water in your home. With its advanced features and reliable performance, it provides peace of mind and the convenience of clean, safe, and healthy water at your fingertips.

Detailed product specifications for the Aqua 2 Drinking System, highlighting capacity, flow rate, and operating conditions.
Product specifications for the Aqua 2 Drinking System, providing key information on capacity, micron rating, flow rate, and operational parameters.

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Dual-cartridge Aqua 2 Drinking System by East Coast Water Quality Inc., American-made under counter water filtration system.