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Plumbing For Home Improvement and Emergencies

East Coast Water Quality plumbers are skilled professionals who can install, repair, and upgrade various plumbing systems and fixtures. We can ensure proper functioning of water supply lines, drainages, faucets, toilets, showers, and water heaters. Our Plumbers can also provide expert advice on energy-efficient plumbing solutions, such as installing low-flow fixtures or tankless water heaters. In emergencies, our plumbers are invaluable assets, responding promptly to issues like burst pipes, leaks, clogged drains, or malfunctioning water heaters. Their expertise allows them to diagnose and fix problems efficiently, minimizing damage and restoring functionality to plumbing systems. East Coast Water Quality & Plumbing brings expertise, experience, and reliability to ensure both home improvement projects and plumbing emergencies are handled professionally and effectively.

Get Your Home's Water Tested For Free

Are you concerned about the quality and safety of your home’s water supply? Are you a new homeowner in search of the best water filtration available for your home?  If so our team of experts would be happy to visit your home and perform comprehensive tests to assess various factors such as pH levels, total dissolved solids (TDS), bacteria, heavy metals, nitrates, chlorine, and more. We understand the importance of clean and healthy water for you and your family, and our testing kits are designed to provide accurate results. Take advantage of our complimentary service and gain valuable insights into the quality of your water. With our assistance, you can make informed decisions to ensure your water is safe, pure, and meets the highest standards. Contact us today to schedule your free home water test and take the first step towards peace of mind.

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4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

Our Protector 50 Reverse Osmosis Drinking System has the capability to eliminate nearly 99% of dissolved solids, particles, bacteria, and pyrogens found in water. This process effectively decreases the levels of lead, chlorine, fluoride, nitrates, and other harmful contaminants. It can also enhance water pressure in specific regions, ensuring better access to water in areas with low pressure. Our drinking systems can also improve the taste, odor, and clarity of water, resulting in better quality beverages, ice cubes, and cooking. Our drinking systems require minimal maintenance and prove to be more cost-effective compared to alternative water purification methods due to their requirement for fewer filters. Our reverse osmosis drinking system is an excellent choice for obtaining clean, safe, and pure drinking water for you, your family and pets.

Protector RO includes industry leading Lifetime Warranty
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Kids, pets, fish and plants can live healthier with reverse osmosis.
Whole Home Water Softening Conditioner System

The Protector Series water conditioners offers several benefits over a traditional water softener. It not only removes minerals like calcium and magnesium that cause hardness, but also addresses other water issues such as chlorine, sediment, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This comprehensive filtration system ensures not only soft water but also improved water quality overall. Our Protector Series water conditioner is gentler on the environment as it doesn’t require the use of salt or discharge brine into the wastewater system, reducing environmental impact, and extends the lifespan of appliances by preventing scale buildup and protects plumbing systems from corrosion. With its broader scope of water treatment and eco-friendly operation, the Protector Series whole home water conditioner provides superior water quality and long-term benefits compared to a conventional water softener.

Series I & II includes industry leading Lifetime Warranty
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Customers have claimed skin conditions eased up with our water filters.
Clean filtered water benefits everyone.
People are not the only ones with sensitive skin.
We are responsible for what goes into our bodies.
You can make the choice for safer, cleaner water.
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AquaCare Showerhead Filter

The AquaCare Shower Filter is a pinnacle of purification technology, designed to transform your showering experience. With a robust four-stage filtration system, it effectively removes chlorine and other contaminants from your water. The result is a multitude of skin and hair benefits, such as softer, smoother skin, reduced irritation, extended hair color longevity, and overall healthier, silkier hair. Easy to install and maintain, with a substantial filter capacity and a durable construction, the AquaCare Shower Filter promises a luxurious and healthful shower experience with every use.

Aqua 2 Drinking System

The Aqua 2 Drinking System brings water purification right to your home with its advanced filtration capabilities designed to deliver crisp and clean drinking water. Engineered for ease and convenience, it offers a generous capacity to meet your daily needs while ensuring the water you drink is free from a wide array of contaminants. Its robust design allows for consistent operation across various temperatures and pressures, making it a reliable addition to your kitchen. With a clear focus on health and safety, the Aqua 2 system also emphasizes the importance of using it with water that has been appropriately treated, ensuring every glass from your tap is both safe and refreshing.

Aqua 2 includes industry leading Lifetime Warranty

EcoWater Systems from East Coast Water Quality

East Coast Water Quality is excited to announce that we have become an authorized dealer of EcoWater Systems products. EcoWater Systems have been delivering nearly a century of innovation in water treatment solutions to our customers. Together, we are committed to providing eco-friendly and efficient water treatment options tailored to meet specific needs.