Pure & Gentle Soap w/ Protector Series

At East Coast Water Quality, we are proud authorized dealers of Pure & Gentle Soap, offering their exceptional range of eco-friendly cleaning products alongside our Protector Series Whole Home Water Conditioners. Committed to sustainability and health, Pure & Gentle Soap’s products are perfectly aligned with our mission to enhance your home environment. These plant-based, biodegradable products not only effectively clean and care for your home and family but do so without the use of harmful chemicals. Together with our advanced water conditioners, we provide a comprehensive solution that ensures your water and cleaning processes are as pure and gentle on the planet as they are on your home.

East Coast Water Quality Inc. Protector Series Water Conditioners alongside Pure & Gentle Soap's eco-friendly cleaning products.

More About Pure & Gentle Soap

For over 30 years, Pure & Gentle has been dedicated to prioritizing the health of people, pets, and the planet in all their operations. Based in a carbon-neutral facility amidst the scenic Hill Country of Seguin, Texas, they produce a range of concentrated laundry and personal care items. These products are distinguished by their composition—free from dyes and harmful chemicals, 100% biodegradable, and exclusively plant-based. Made entirely in the USA, Pure & Gentle’s environmental efforts have earned them significant recognition, including the Champion Safer Detergent Stewardship Initiative award from the US EPA—the highest accolade for environmental stewardship they offer. Additionally, they hold a Leaping Bunny® certification, ensuring their products are developed without any animal testing or harm.

Since its inception in 1983, Pure & Gentle has been committed to forward-thinking environmental sustainability. Specializing in personal and home care products, they offer a range from all-natural health and beauty items like shampoos and hand soaps to concentrated home care solutions including disinfectants and multi-purpose cleaners. Their dedication is evident in their products which are designed to be safe for both users and the environment, free from harmful additives. Notably, in 2008, Pure & Gentle restructured their core product line to concentrate formats, significantly reducing packaging by 55% and freight weights by 50%. Continuing their efforts, they have since further optimized their products, processes, and packaging, achieving a reduction in shipping burden by over 75%.