Informative Articles About Water & Filtration

Benefits of Refined Water

A whole home water conditioning system, is used to achieve refined water by removing mineral buildup from household water. This addresses issues such as clogged plumbing, reduced appliance lifespan, and hard water spots on dishes and surfaces. The benefits of using a water softener include improved plumbing efficiency, reduced need for harsh chemical cleaners, extended fixture lifespan, decreased use of soaps and cleaning products, prevention of skin and hair dryness, and softer laundry. It also offers health benefits, such as reduced exposure to aerosolized chemicals during showers and potential relief from skin conditions. The Protector series water softeners provide various advantages, including the elimination of clogs, prevention of appliance damage, spot-free dishes, easier cleaning, cost-effectiveness, eco-friendliness, refreshing showers, extended fixture life, soft and clean laundry, enhanced cleaning power, and reduced need for household cleaning.

Benefits of Purified Water

Reverse osmosis filtration systems provide purified water that is safe to drink and offers numerous benefits. They remove impurities and contaminants, eliminating the need to buy bottled water and reducing plastic waste. These systems ensure a constant supply of high-quality water, enhancing the taste of beverages and reducing the amount of ingredients needed for flavored drinks. Additionally, purified water improves the quality of cooked and prepared foods by eliminating impurities that can affect taste and texture. If you desire easy access to purified drinking water with improved taste and environmental sustainability, a reverse osmosis system is an excellent choice.

The Importance of Water Quality in Our Daily Lives

We explore the impact of water quality on our daily routines and suggests ways to ensure the consumption of the highest quality water. The plumbing in our homes, including pipes, appliances, and fixtures, is affected by the water’s quality, leading to issues like clogging, appliance damage, and soap residue. Moreover, the water we consume for drinking, cooking, and other purposes should meet high-quality standards. Homeowners often supplement their water consumption with bottled or filtered water, emphasizing the need to consider water source quality. By maintaining plumbing, using filtration systems, and being mindful of cleaning chemicals, we can enhance our water quality, improve our lives, and protect the environment.

Potential Water Contaminates

Access to clean and safe drinking water is fundamental to human health and well-being. We reveal Environmental Working Group (EWG) alarming findings regarding population’s drinking water and lacking safety standards and regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This underscores the urgent need for updated safety standards and regulations concerning drinking water. To safeguard ourselves and our families from the potential health risks associated with these contaminants, it is crucial for individuals to assume personal responsibility for the safety of their drinking water. This can be achieved by utilizing appropriate filtration systems and staying informed about the quality of the local water supply. We aims to shed light on common water contaminants and their potential health effects while providing guidance on testing water sources and implementing effective filtration solutions.

Benefits of Filtered Water for Pets

We explore the benefits of filtered water for pets, emphasizing the importance of keeping our animal companions hydrated and healthy. Just like humans, pets require a sufficient amount of water each day, especially during hot weather. However, it’s not just the quantity of water that matters but also the quality. Water pollution, algal blooms, hard water minerals, lead contamination, and chlorine-treated water can pose risks to our pets’ health. Filtered water helps remove pollutants and contaminants, reducing the chances of waterborne illnesses and urinary issues caused by hard water. Investing in a reliable filtration system ensures our pets have access to clean, safe water, promoting their well-being and reducing potential veterinary expenses.

Top Tier Filtration Against Forever Chemicals (PFAS)

A study conducted by scientists from Duke University and North Carolina State University has revealed that the majority of filters show limited effectiveness in removing PFAS contaminants. In fact, if not adequately maintained, some filters can exacerbate the situation rather than improving it.

Hard Water, Eczema and Your Skin

According to the National Eczema Association hard can have a negative impact on the skin, particularly for individuals with eczema. Studies suggest that it can worsen symptoms and increase the risk of developing eczema. Water softeners such as our Protector Series can help remove these minerals and potentially alleviate the skin issues associated with hard water. It is important to stay informed about water quality and consider solutions to protect your skin.

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