ECWQ On News12: Brandywine Bay Water Woes

Residents of Brandywine Bay in Carteret County find themselves in a distressing situation, battling with both contaminated water and unjustifiably high utility bills. This predicament has sparked widespread concern, pushing the community to seek solutions and demand action from their water provider, Carolina Water Service.

The Heart of the Issue

The core of the problem lies in the water’s poor quality, characterized by a persistent yellow tint and an unpleasant smell, alongside inexplicably high charges for water usage. These issues have severely impacted the daily lives of Brandywine Bay’s residents, forcing some, like Louise Smith, to consider relocating in search of access to clean and safe water.

Carolina Water Service, the sole utility provider for the area, has been at the center of scrutiny. Despite meeting the Safe Drinking Water Act standards in 2022, the service’s response to the crisis has been underwhelming, with no significant improvements observed by the affected residents.

Investigative Insights

Andrew O’Leary of East Coast Water Quality, Inc., sheds light on the specific issues plaguing Brandywine Bay’s water supply, including high levels of sulfur, tannins, and overall water hardness. These factors contribute to the water’s discoloration and potential damage to household plumbing and appliances.

The lack of a satisfactory response from Carolina Water Service has led to a growing sense of frustration within the community. Efforts by News 12 to engage with the company directly were met with silence, further exacerbating the situation.

Seeking Solutions

In response to the crisis, some residents have turned to bottled water and home filtration systems, such as reverse osmosis, to mitigate the effects of the contaminated tap water. These measures, while effective, come with significant financial costs.

The Brandywine Owners Association has expressed openness to exploring solutions, including the installation of ion exchange water softeners. However, the absence of a formal proposal from Carolina Water Service has stalled progress.

The Way Forward

The establishment of a committee by the Brandywine Owners Association aims to collect data and develop a strategic plan to address the water quality and billing issues. This proactive approach is crucial in advocating for the community’s needs and ensuring access to clean, safe drinking water.

The discussion around reverse osmosis filtration and whole-home water conditioners highlights the importance of individual water treatment solutions. These systems offer a reliable way to remove contaminants, improve water quality, and protect residents’ health and well-being.

The struggle faced by the residents of Brandywine Bay underscores the critical importance of access to clean water. As the community comes together to seek solutions, it is imperative that utility providers like Carolina Water Service take immediate and effective action to address the concerns raised. The path to cleaner water may be fraught with challenges, but with collective effort and the right treatment solutions, Brandywine Bay can hope for a future where clean water is not a luxury, but a given.

Source: ABC News 12