The Daily Show on 3M and PFAS

Sharon Lerner discusses 3M's handling of PFAS on The Daily Show with Michael Costa.

Sharon Lerner, a seasoned investigative journalist with ProPublica, uncovered a disturbing story of corporate negligence. Michael Costa interviewed Lerner on The Daily Show, where she detailed how 3M, a major American corporation, ignored and suppressed evidence about the risks of PFAS, often referred to as “forever chemicals.” These chemicals persist in the environment and human … Read more

Santa Paula CA: Do Not Drink Your Water

Residents collecting potable water at Santa Paula Water Treatment Plant.

The city of Santa Paula, California, issued a stark warning to some of its residents on Monday: “DO NOT DRINK YOUR WATER.” This alert followed a break-in at a local reservoir tank, raising concerns about potential contamination from an unknown substance. The city’s “unsafe water alert” detailed that the affected tank is currently offline. It … Read more

Government Building Shut Down Due To Drinking Water Contamination

CMS headquarters in Baltimore with a biohazard symbol overlay.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) headquarters in Baltimore has temporarily closed after legionella bacteria were discovered in the building’s water supply. Legionella, which can cause the potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease, prompted immediate action to protect staff. Concerning Legionella Legionnaires’ disease has become a growing concern. According to the CDC, reports of Legionnaires’ … Read more

Is Your Hot Shower Causing Asthma & Eczema?

Person taking a hot shower with visible steam, chloramine compounds represented as small colored particles in the steam. The person looks concerned, rubbing their chest, indicating breathing difficulties. In the background, there is a well-ventilated bathroom with an open window. Near the shower, a reverse osmosis water filtration system is visible.

Chloramines, Asthma and Eczema Flare-Ups Chloramines, a group of compounds formed from chlorine and nitrogen, are widely used in water treatment for their stability and disinfection. While effective in preventing bacterial growth in drinking water, exposure to chloramines, particularly in aerosolized form, has been shown to cause significant health issues, including asthma and eczema flare-ups. … Read more

Microplastics Found In Blood Clots

Close-up of a blood clot with microplastics embedded in it.

A recent study revealed that microplastics, which are shards of plastic broken down from larger pieces were found inside more than half of fatty deposits in clogged arteries. The research illuminated a strong link between microplastics and human health. Now, researchers in China have taken this investigation a step further, discovering microplastics in blood clots … Read more

Camp Lejeune: Payouts For Water Contamination Claims UPDATE

Camp Lejeune military base sign surrounded by symbolic representations of cancer cells, highlighting the historical water contamination issue.

Update: Class Action Lawsuit Review Select Justice are reviewing cases of individuals and families affected by the Camp Lejeune water contamination. If you either lived or worked at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina from 1954 to 1987 and have been affected, follow this link to see if you are subject to compensation: Select Justice Camp Lejeune … Read more

NC Homes Alerted to PFAS in Private Wells

A photorealistic image of a rural water well with a toxic symbol on the bucket, set against a lush countryside background.

In a concerning development for residents of an unincorporated area in Cumberland County, North Carolina, reports have emerged about the contamination of private well water with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), commonly known as “forever chemicals.” This discovery has prompted a flurry of alerts from the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), raising alarm over the … Read more

US’s Aging Water Infrastructure Crisis

A mural on a brick wall with a water tower labeled "Prichard" in the background.

Across the United States, numerous cities grapple with aging water systems, financial constraints, and the growing need for infrastructure overhaul. These issues are not just confined to one area but are a widespread problem affecting many, particularly in communities that are economically disadvantaged or have seen significant population decline. This article explores the multifaceted challenges … Read more

ECWQ On News12: Brandywine Bay Water Woes

Andrew O'Leary, General Manager of East Coast Water Quality, Inc., being interviewed about water quality issues in Brandywine Bay.

Residents of Brandywine Bay in Carteret County find themselves in a distressing situation, battling with both contaminated water and unjustifiably high utility bills. This predicament has sparked widespread concern, pushing the community to seek solutions and demand action from their water provider, Carolina Water Service. The Heart of the Issue The core of the problem … Read more

Thousands More Sue Navy for Red Hill Water

JTF Red Hill Commander addressing the Fuel Tank Advisory Committee following a fuel leak incident.

In 2021, a significant environmental crisis unfolded as over 2,200 individuals filed lawsuits against the United States Navy. This legal action stems from a catastrophic event where a fuel leak at the Red Hill Bulk Storage Facility led to the contamination of the Red Hill drinking water well, impacting numerous families across Joint Base Pearl … Read more