Is Your Hot Shower Causing Asthma & Eczema?

Person taking a hot shower with visible steam, chloramine compounds represented as small colored particles in the steam. The person looks concerned, rubbing their chest, indicating breathing difficulties. In the background, there is a well-ventilated bathroom with an open window. Near the shower, a reverse osmosis water filtration system is visible.

Chloramines, Asthma and Eczema Flare-Ups Chloramines, a group of compounds formed from chlorine and nitrogen, are widely used in water treatment for their stability and disinfection. While effective in preventing bacterial growth in drinking water, exposure to chloramines, particularly in aerosolized form, has been shown to cause significant health issues, including asthma and eczema flare-ups. … Read more

PFAS Poisoned Milk and Food

Woman holding glass of milk holding her nose. Text says "PFAS IN MILK"

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tightened regulations on forever chemicals, also known as PFAS in drinking water in April. With this action, the health hazards that these chemicals pose to about 100 million Americans will be reduced. There are no federal rules addressing PFAS in food, which has caused serious worries among scientists and people … Read more

Thousands More Sue Navy for Red Hill Water

JTF Red Hill Commander addressing the Fuel Tank Advisory Committee following a fuel leak incident.

In 2021, a significant environmental crisis unfolded as over 2,200 individuals filed lawsuits against the United States Navy. This legal action stems from a catastrophic event where a fuel leak at the Red Hill Bulk Storage Facility led to the contamination of the Red Hill drinking water well, impacting numerous families across Joint Base Pearl … Read more

At Least 44 Million People Exposed To PFAS

map usa pfas forever chemicals

Recent revelations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have ignited widespread concern: an astounding 44 million Americans are drinking water tainted with toxic PFAS chemicals. These findings, derived from testing less than a third of the nation’s water supplies, signal a potentially larger crisis. PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, known as “forever chemicals” for … Read more

PFAS Found In Water Bolsters Call For Stronger EPA Rules

A clear glass of water being filled from a bottle, symbolizing the importance of clean drinking water.

PFAS in the drinking water of numerous cities across the United States. This has raised significant concerns about public health and environmental safety. These findings, reported by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), underscore the pervasive nature of PFAS contamination from coast to coast. Known for their durability and resistance to degradation, PFAS have been dubbed … Read more

Toxic Water From Hawaii Military Base Affecting Hampton Roads Families

Young child with curly hair resting in a hospital bed.

The water contamination issue that originated from a military base in Hawaii has cast a long shadow, affecting veterans and their families across the United States, including those in Hampton Roads, Virginia. This crisis underscores the vulnerabilities in military infrastructure and raises concerns about the health and well-being of those who serve and their families. … Read more

Virginia Beach’s Smelly H2O: Improvements on Horizon

Man holding a glass of water while pinching his nose against a backdrop of Virginia Beach map.

Residents of Virginia Beach have been facing an unusual issue with their tap water: a pronounced chlorine smell. This has been a point of concern for many, leading to inquiries and complaints about the water quality. However, there’s good news on the way. The city officials have taken measures to address this issue, promising that … Read more

Massive Sewage Spill at Great Bridge Lock

Health advisory sign warning against recreational activities in water due to sewage spill at Great Bridge Lock.

A significant environmental incident occurred at the Great Bridge Lock in Chesapeake, where approximately 2.5 million gallons of wastewater spilled into a canal leading to the Elizabeth River. This event prompted immediate action from local health officials and environmental agencies to mitigate risks and inform the public. The Incident and Immediate Response The spill was … Read more

Emerging Concern of PFAS in Hampton Roads Water

Laboratory testing for PFAS levels in drinking water.

Residents of Hampton Roads are increasingly voicing their preferences and concerns regarding their drinking water, with many opting for filtered solutions amidst fears of contamination. The spotlight has recently turned to the presence of man-made compounds known as Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), drawing attention from both the public and health officials. This article delves … Read more