Pennsylvania Wants To Ban “Forever Chemicals” Products

Photograph showing various consumer products affected by Pennsylvania's proposed ban on PFAS chemicals, with the Pennsylvania state capitol building in the background.

Pennsylvania has introduced House Bill 2238, aiming to ban per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), often referred to as “forever chemicals,” from various consumer products by 2027. This legislation seeks to eliminate PFAS in items such as cleaning products, carpets, cookware, cosmetics, dental floss, food packaging, and children’s products. The Ubiquity and Impact of PFAS State … Read more

Thousands More Sue Navy for Red Hill Water

JTF Red Hill Commander addressing the Fuel Tank Advisory Committee following a fuel leak incident.

In 2021, a significant environmental crisis unfolded as over 2,200 individuals filed lawsuits against the United States Navy. This legal action stems from a catastrophic event where a fuel leak at the Red Hill Bulk Storage Facility led to the contamination of the Red Hill drinking water well, impacting numerous families across Joint Base Pearl … Read more