URGENT: Boil Water Alert for Residents in Wilmington, IL

In the wake of a declared state of emergency resulting from severe flooding, the city of Wilmington, Illinois, has issued a citywide boil water advisory. This precautionary measure, urged by city officials, mandates residents to boil water prior to using it for drinking or cooking. Located roughly an hour southwest of Chicago, Wilmington faces significant challenges as the Kankakee River’s recent flooding has prompted concerns over water safety.

Precautionary Measures in Place

The advisory, described by officials as a decision made “out of an abundance of caution,” aims to protect residents from potential waterborne contaminants unleashed by the floodwaters. The City of Wilmington Water, serving customers in the area including Lakewood Shores, is specifically targeted by this order. In response to the immediate needs of affected individuals, a local shelter has been established for those who have chosen to evacuate their homes voluntarily.

Emergency Response and Evacuation

The evacuation of certain areas in Wilmington was prompted by a rapid rise in river levels, a situation exacerbated by the melting of ice jams earlier in the week. The flash flooding that ensued, particularly impacting the downtown area, underscores the severity of the environmental event confronting the city.

Guidance for Residents

Residents are being closely guided by city officials, who have committed to providing updates on when it might be safe to lift the boil water advisory. The community is urged to stay informed and adhere to all safety instructions to navigate this period of uncertainty effectively.

Source: https://www.wbal.com/illinois-city-under-boil-water-advisory-after-state-of-emergency-declared-due-to-flooding/



Importance of Water Safety

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