URGENT: Boil Water Alert for Residents in Wilmington, IL

Boil Water Advisory Alert for Wilmington, IL with a steaming pot on a stove.

In the wake of a declared state of emergency resulting from severe flooding, the city of Wilmington, Illinois, has issued a citywide boil water advisory. This precautionary measure, urged by city officials, mandates residents to boil water prior to using it for drinking or cooking. Located roughly an hour southwest of Chicago, Wilmington faces significant … Read more

URGENT: Boil Water Alert for Residents in Jacksonville, NC

Boil Water Advisory Alert for Jacksonville, NC, with an image of boiling water in a pot.

WARNING – JACKSONVILLE, NC In the heart of downtown Jacksonville, a significant Boil Water Advisory has been enacted, affecting both residents and businesses in the vicinity of New Bridge Street. This precautionary measure follows a waterline incident caused by a utility crew during replacement work. Despite the lack of confirmed contamination, the advisory remains a … Read more