Diesel Fuel Spills in to Norfolk Waters

NOAA ship docked in Elizabeth River with overlay text '100 Gallon Diesel Spill, Norfolk VA' indicating the site of the recent environmental incident.

In a recent event that has sparked concern among local residents and environmentalists, approximately 100 gallons of green-dyed diesel fuel were spilled into the Elizabeth River, Norfolk, during a refueling operation involving a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) ship. The mishap occurred on Friday morning when a hose coupling malfunctioned while fuel was being … Read more

Tap Water Taste Concern in Norfolk’s Ghent

Sign of the Ghent Historic District in Norfolk with overlaid social media comments about local tap water concerns.

Residents of Norfolk’s Ghent neighborhood have expressed concerns over an unusual taste in their tap water, prompting a flurry of online discussions for answers. This issue gained attention on social media platforms, including a Norfolk-based Reddit channel and a community Facebook page dedicated to the Ghent area. The discussions centered around the water’s “earthy” taste, … Read more