Risks of ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Virginia’s Water Supply

Glass being filled with tap water, representing potential PFAS contamination.

Recent findings have spotlighted the pervasive presence of “forever chemicals” in water systems across Virginia, posing potential health risks to residents. This comprehensive analysis stems from a groundbreaking U.S. Geological Survey study, revealing that these synthetic compounds, formally known as PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated substances), are contaminating drinking water sources nationwide. Their omnipresence in both … Read more

California Bill Aims To Remove Lead From School Water

A caution-taped water fountain indicating a health hazard.

California takes a significant step toward safeguarding children’s health. The State Assembly passed a bill targeting lead removal from school water sources. This move is critical as new data reveals high lead levels in childcare centers. Legislation Overview Assembly Bill 249 proposes stringent measures for lead in school water. It mandates lead testing in drinking … Read more

Supreme Court Ruling Weakens EPA Water Protections

Dust rising from a plowed agricultural field with young crops under a hazy sky.

The Supreme Court’s recent 5-4 decision on the Clean Water Act marks a pivotal moment. It significantly limits the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) power to protect the nation’s drinking water from agricultural runoff pollution. This ruling narrows the definition of “Waters of the United States” that the EPA can regulate. Consequently, the agency’s ability to … Read more

High Lead Levels Detected in California Child Care Centers

School water fountain covered in rust and grime.

Critical Findings Demand Immediate Attention Recent investigations in California have unveiled alarming levels of lead in drinking water at nearly 1,700 child care centers. This revelation highlights a significant health risk to the state’s youngest residents, necessitating urgent measures to ensure their safety. The initiative, propelled by Assembly Bill 2370, underscores the critical need for … Read more

Federal Court Mandates EPA to Regulate Perchlorate

Water pouring from a faucet into a clear glass in a sink, suggesting clean drinking water.

A landmark ruling by a federal court has directed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate the presence of perchlorate in the nation’s drinking water. This decision has widespread implications for public health, particularly for the estimated 12 million Americans exposed to this harmful chemical found in rocket fuel. The Ruling’s Background Perchlorate is a … Read more