Johns Hopkins: Toxic Chemicals in Biosolid Fertilizers

Researchers analyzing biosolid samples in a lab.

A recent study by Johns Hopkins University reveals the presence of hazardous chemicals in biosolid fertilizers, highlighting 92 compounds that might pose health risks. This research underscores the necessity for comprehensive risk assessments and improved regulations to safeguard public health. Biosolid Fertilizers and Potential Risks Fertilizers produced from the residual sludge of wastewater treatment processes, … Read more

12M Gallons Of Raw Sewage Flow Into US Every Day

Pollution in the Tijuana River Valley, with debris and trash littering the water surface.

In the Tijuana River Valley, a significant environmental and public health issue has surfaced, highlighting the urgency for infrastructural reforms and cross-border cooperation. Residents and environmental advocates are confronting the challenges posed by the influx of untreated sewage from Mexico, with the situation expected to worsen due to a temporary shutdown of a critical pump … Read more