US’s Aging Water Infrastructure Crisis

A mural on a brick wall with a water tower labeled "Prichard" in the background.

Across the United States, numerous cities grapple with aging water systems, financial constraints, and the growing need for infrastructure overhaul. These issues are not just confined to one area but are a widespread problem affecting many, particularly in communities that are economically disadvantaged or have seen significant population decline. This article explores the multifaceted challenges … Read more

URGENT: Boil Water Alert for Residents in Jackson, MS

Boil water alert notice for Jackson, Mississippi with a boiling pot of water.

WARNING – JACKSON, MI In an urgent development for residents of Jackson, Mississippi, and the nearby suburb of Flowood, health authorities have mandated a boil water notice following the detection of E. coli bacteria within the local water supply. This alert underscores the persistent challenges facing Jackson’s water system, which has struggled to maintain public … Read more